Viesu maja

Recreation in the countryside
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Enjoy the winter fun!

Healthy sporty recreation and pleasant fatigue - skating on the pond of Lantus or skiing along the forest track forgetting about everyday worries.

Catch trout!

A proficient angler or novice amateur.

Silence, morning chill or evening fatigue.

Alone or with a company. Select yourselves and the catch won’t disappoint you.

Watch wild beasts!

Beautiful, stately, free and wild - such are the wild beasts.

A small fraction of ecotourism right here in Latvia.

Be quiet, merge with nature and watch!


Leave the car keys at home!

Find a bike and pedal.

Here to the Great Daviņi cult stone, further to Burtnieks or to Dikļi castle.

In the near vicinity of Lantus!

Apply for a ride with stately Burtnieki horses or go by boat on Lake Burtnieki counting the greatest number of swans or go on a trip along the River Salaca to Skaņais hill rocks.